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Good luck, America: Donald Trump is your new president

Republican Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, a highly divisive first-time candidate who waged a scorched-earth battle for the presidency, shocked the world by narrowly beating his far more experienced Democratic challenger, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The victory, sealed with a concession phone call from Clinton early Wednesday, amounts to one of the most stunning upsets in political history.
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Tropical Storm Harvey's epic flooding illustrates limits of an accurate weather forecast

Weather forecasters have a difficult enough time convincing people of the forecast on a typical day. But what happens when an event like Tropical Storm Harvey comes along, bringing hazards well beyond anyone's experience? Meteorologists expressed a sense of queasiness and helplessness as their worst fears about Harvey were realized.
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The shadiest details in Puerto Rico's leaked electricity contract with Whitefish Energy

Puerto Rico has now endured the longest power failure in U.S. history, after Category 4 Hurricane Maria tore a path of destruction across the island on Sept. 20. One of the contracts the island's beleaguered government signed in order to get the lights turned back on is with a tiny Montana-based company named Whitefish Energy.
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Air Force dismantled a $518 million satellite crucial to monitoring global warming

For 18 years, a fully-built, ready-to-launch weather satellite sat inside a Lockheed Martin facility near Moffett Field in Sunnyvale, California. Scientists were waiting for the spacecraft to be called into active duty since it was completed during the Clinton administration. Because of resistance in Congress — particularly from Rep.
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The feds are afraid of 21 teens suing on climate. An appeals court wants to know why.

The lawsuit is bold, and few legal observers thought it would get this far. But for the 21 young plaintiffs who are suing the federal government for its failure to protect them — and all of us — from global warming-related harm, it's an open and shut case involving basic constitutional rights. The case, known as Juliana v.
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Trump's NOAA nominee signed 20-year weather deal with China ... which is suspected of hacking NOAA

President Donald Trump's nominee to lead the nation's oceans and atmosphere agency is already facing political headwinds. However, potentially more problematic is Myers' role in securing a 2015 deal with the Chinese government that set up a 20-year joint venture to disseminate weather data in China.
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Firestorm: Photos of California's deadliest wildfires

California has a long history of violent, damaging wildfires. However, what the state is suffering through right now, with about two-dozen wildfires burning across the state, and out of control fires scorching tens of thousands of acres of wine country real estate, stands apart from the historical record.
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It's about time astronauts got health care for life

NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria flew to space four times for the space agency between 1995 and 2007. While in space, his eyesight deteriorated, a well-documented medical issue NASA's known about for years, and one that many astronauts have experienced first-hand. For many astronauts, their eyesight readjusts once they get back to Earth.
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NASA's airborne survey shows how global warming is transforming the Arctic

NASA's airborne survey shows how global warming is transforming the Arctic. Nothing about the Arctic is normal right now. Rapid climate change is transforming the vast region by warming air and sea temperatures, shifting weather patterns, and melting sea and land ice at faster rates than were ever anticipated by even the most pessimistic forecasts a few years ago.
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Trump White House reveals it's 'not familiar' with well-studied costs of global warming

Before President Donald Trump signed a sweeping executive order to roll back the Obama administration's climate legacy on Tuesday, the White House held a press call featuring a senior administration official. The purpose was to brief reporters on what the order would say and the thinking behind it.
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Deadly flooding in Peru has roots in a 'coastal El Niño'

An unexpected warmup in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean is causing heavy rains to repeatedly batter Peru, causing some of the worst flooding in decades. Floods have killed dozens and displaced more than 500,000 so far, with more heavy rain expected to fall in coming weeks. El Niño, which is an event characterized higher than average ocean temperatures in the equatorial tropical Pacific, along with a reversal of trade winds blowing across the planet's largest ocean, officially ended its run in June of last year.
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Interior Dept. agency changes website from family visiting park to a giant pile of coal

Even the smallest of symbolic details can't escape the changes of life in Trump's America. The government agency responsible for overseeing a staggering 258 million acres of land, including ecologically vital conservation areas, has changed the image on its homepage from a scenic park vista to a massive, tall pile of coal.
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Andrew Freedman

Freedman is the Senior Editor: Science and Special Projects for Mashable, where he also covers extreme weather, climate science, and energy.

Prior to Mashable, Freedman was a senior science writer for Climate Central.

He has also worked as a reporter for Congressional Quarterly and Greenwire/E&E Daily. His work has also appeared in the Washington Post and online at and, where he wrote a weekly climate science column for the "Capital Weather Gang" blog.

Media appearances: Sky News, CBC Radio, NPR, Huffington Post Live, The Weather Channel, Sirius XM Radio, and other media outlets. His work has been lauded in the Columbia Journalism Review, and been mentioned online by CNN, New Republic, Time, The Hill, and The Guardian, among others.

Freedman holds a Masters Degree in Climate and Society from Columbia University and a Masters in Law and Diplomacy from The Fletcher School at Tufts University. He lives in Brooklyn.

He has also performed and taught improv and sketch comedy.



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